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I know I never finish the projects I start (*ahem* Broquest *ahem*), but I’d like to blame it on all the other extracurricular activities I have going on. Regardless, last night I was reflecting on a horror movie I recently watched, and it got me thinking about making a short horror/thriller game. I must admit, I’ve never really enjoyed these games. Never got into Silent Hill, didn’t enjoy Resident Evil until the forth installment (but didn’t finish it), and never gave those Condemned games a chance (doubt I missed much). Despite not playing them, I think making something like this could be fun.

I think I want to go about it a little differently though. I want to make a game that doesn’t set out to scare you. No monsters will ever be shown, no outright shocking images. No sudden bursts of sound to make you jump, I’ve always thought that was a cheap shot for the horror genre. Instead I want to present a little mystery, and let the¬†player explore. Hopefully letting the player’s imagination build the suspense. I’m leaning towards a first person view in order to get a more confined feel, which also has the benefit of eliminating an player animations. I don’t want you to make a character explore the world, I want YOU to explore the world. There will be little dialogue, if any, and it will all be written on screen. I want the player to hear it with the voice in their head. The only sounds will be footsteps, and doors opening and closing, with the ambient occasional music.

I don’t really have any story ideas yet, but I want it to be subtle. I plan on a small environment (maybe a house) so that small changes can be made and it won’t take long for them to be discovered (such as a previously closed door being open). I think that in a small environment, where very little is happening, small changes can have a huge impact on the player’s imagination.

I’ll probably use AGS for this, as I don’t really know any other programs I am as capable with. I’m just worried about how the first person perspective will work… I don’t want this to behave like Myst.


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