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Dear Nintendo,

Why on Earth would I buy a DSi? I am perfectly content with my shiny, black DS Lite, and all of its capabilities. I have no desire to let a Warioware game make me look like a fool, and I can see no other use for 2 cameras other than gimmicky “you’re in the game!” games. I understand that the DSi has a slimmer size, however, the hand cramps I get after 30 minutes of Moon, or Metroid make a smaller device┬áthe opposite of what I would like in a new handheld. Additionally, the reduction in size has also eliminated some of the functionality. I predict that on April 5th, we will hear a collective cry of grief from GBA games everywhere.




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Bro Break. Moon Shock.

So, in the event of class, and work, and life, Broquest is on hold. Hopefully during spring break, work will resume to completion.

However, until then, I must recommend a new DS game I am enjoying. Moon. It’s good. Slightly repetitive at times, but perfect for a handheld FPS. Also, I must admit that I’m playing the 1994 classic, System Shock, concurrently with Moon. The art style of Moon reminded me of System Shock, so I gave it a download and have been playing it while slow at work. Because of this, I find myself trying to do many of the things from System Shock while playing Moon and am jolted back to the realization of the games simplicity. Oh well, I don’t think Moon developer, Renegade Kid, set out to dupe System Shock, so it’s not really fair to make the comparison. However, the further I get in System Shock, the more I yearn for a DS port.

Man, what a great game. Moon is good, System Shock is great.

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